“It has been almost a year since Sienna has been part of the TLC family. She started at 3 years of age and was very scared at the idea that her mum was going to leave her. Being a school teacher myself, I knew that she would be in capable hands. But as lovely as all the staff were, as a parent, I still worried about my little girl. It has been a wonderful journey, not only to Sienna but also ours. As her parents, Sienna looks forward for school and each and every time she walks into her classroom, her face lights with excitement and joy. Each teacher is very unique and their dedication and loving nature allows Sienna to learn in a caring environment. Both my husband and I are very happy to see Sienna developing well, cognitively, physically and socially. We would like to share our love and appreciation to all the teachers and management who have made her first journey in life a fun and beautiful one. We couldn’t wish for a more caring and dedicated staff who in their busy day, find the time to learn a little about Sienna and the things she loves. Thank you for continuing to make our daughter’s journey memorable.”

– Parent, Tammy (2017)

“As a dad, I’m very impressed with The Little Cottage. My son loves it. The staff there have helped bring out the very best in him. They provide so many different and varied activities that ensure no two weeks are the same. The staff engage with him in such a way that when he gets home he talks enthusiastically about his day, which is great because I know he is happy, safe and curious about the world and his role within it. The staff bring their ideas to life by incorporating related activities and learning opportunities. The staff are friendly, approachable and really care. I highly recommend The Little Cottage.”

– Parent, Ben (2017)

“I’m so grateful for the fact that I have found The Little Cottage (TLC) for my two and a half year old daughter, where she goes there 5 days a week and loves everything in there. The most important thing when finding a childcare centre, that every parent would be concerned about, is the trust you have from them. The staff in TLC are nice and friendly, but most importantly, they all love kids and care for them. My daughter has grown and learned a lot over the last six months with TLC. She has learned counting numbers, animals, social skills, a bit of drawing, reading books by herself and singing. What I’m pleased to see is that every day when I pick her up she doesn’t want to leave. She is just so happy being there.”

– Parent, Jenny (2017)

“We have recently moved from the northern beaches to Bexley. I was feeling very uneasy taking the kids out of a daycare we were very happy with and away from teaches the kids adored and putting them into a new centre. Its taken time for me to feel settled and happy with the move and change in daycare but after seeing the way the staff at The Little Cottage interact with the kids and more so, Flynn and Chloe, I finally feel alot more at ease with the change. I’d like to specifically mention Nat. I’m so grateful for the kind and very warm relationship Nat has with both Flynn and Chloe and her way of teaching and interaction with them. It’s exactly the type of interaction and care for my children that I want and what I grew accustomed to at our last centre. The kids adore her. It takes Chloe time to warm to people but she just adores Nat and knowing how comfortable she is with her really puts me at ease leaving her in Nat’s care. From what I have seen in your short time at TLC I’m very grateful that you have joined the centre.

– Parent, Sarah (2017)

“Our daughter attends the Little Cottage and the staff are great. We appreciate the staff for their organised activities and positive attitude that creates a fun and caring learning environment for our child.”

– Parent, Susan (2017)

“Hera has been at the Little Cottage for a little over 16 months now, and has thoroughly enjoyed her time there. I can genuinely say all the staff at TLC are caring, and passionate in what they do. Special mention goes to Nat for her patience and positive attitude towards all the children, nothing is too hard for her! Highly recommend TLC to any parent. Keep up the awesome work!”

– Parents, Margery & Harry (2017)

“Our daughter has been attending The Little Cottage since she turned 2. She really loves attending The Little Cottage child care centre and enjoys mixing with the other children. She loves all the child care team members who have taken a warming to our daughter. She has learned a lot there in terms of speaking in sentences, good manners, toilet/bathroom cleanliness, developing well emotionally and having very good imaginative play. We are happy with the positive outcomes and how our daughter is growing and learning at The Little Cottage.”

– Parent, William (2017)