Fun Educational Activities in Carlton

Let your kids enjoy an educational experience at Carlton! Carlton is oozing with exciting activities, educational experiences, and child-friendly destinations. Whatever your child’s interests are, there are plenty of opportunities in Carlton, ready to hone your child’s abilities and ignite their curiosity… all while having fun!

Aside from your child’s early learning at a childcare in Carlton, you can help your children reach their fullest potential by providing them with educational opportunities beyond the confines of their classroom.

Expose your child to various types of activities so you would know the things that he/she is interested in. By discovering their interests and preferences, you can then create a plan for the workshops or programs in Carlton that you could enroll your child in.

Reading time at the local Kogarah library

Develop a loving relationship with your children by taking them to places where they will learn a lot… and encourage your children with the love of literature at Kogarah Library! Read together inside the library’s peaceful setting. Help your children improve their concentration as you read them a fairy tale, while letting them look at the vibrant illustrations around the library. Reading is known to relax your children, so a visit to the library could also become a bonding moment for the whole family!

Happy Memories at the Hurstville Museum & Gallery

Ignite your kids’ sense of wonder not only in a kindergarten at Carlton but also during a trip to the local museum! Thousands of local and international tourists flock at the Hurstville Museum & Gallery to attend the exciting events, vibrant exhibits and engaging programs for children of all ages. Allow your children to understand and appreciate the distinct culture and rich history of the St. George region. Inspire them to become fascinated with arts and history, and take part in the multicultural activities. Create happy memories and bond with your little one at the Hurstville Museum & Gallery.


Lego Learning at the Oatley Library

Lets’go and play with Lego! Let your kids have some fun by joining the Lego Club at the Oatley Library. This after-school program provides stimulating experiences with Lego. Most educators around the world have been using Lego to foster creativity, encourage problem-solving skills and planning skills, and practise teamwork. The different shapes and sizes of the Lego pieces will help develop your child’s motor skills, preparing them for writing when they already attend a childcare in Carlton, such as The Little Cottage. With this Lego experience, you can help your child harness the budding architect, designer or artist in them!


Entertaining Escapes at the Hurstville Entertainment Centre

Don’t let your kids simply watch TV shows! Make their early learning in Carlton even more impactful by taking your kids to the Hurstville Entertainment Centre. Watch live performances, entertaining concerts and attend social events for kids. This activity will enhance their interest in drama and help them cultivate a deeper appreciation for the the art of performance. Who knows? They might get interested in taking part in stage plays that will strengthen their self-confidence, or they may start drawing and creating props that stir up creativity — virtues that they need to accomplish their dreams. Contact the Hurstville Entertainment Centre for family-friendly events and age-appropriate programs that your kids will absolutely love!

Nurture the nature of your child, and help discover your child’s interests and gifts. As always, be patient and provide your child with activities that are suitable for his/her age. Also consider his health requirements, by taking note of fast-paced activities or places with allergens. With these highly-recommended educational activities in Carlton, your little one will not only become inspired by the charming gifts provided by Mother Nature, but your child is all set in becoming an all-rounder; competitive and confident enough to soar to greater heights!

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