Encouraging Imaginative and Pretend Play

  Mums and dads often communicate with their babies during the infancy stage through baby talks and babbles, while using facial expressions and gestures to converse with their tots. Babies on the other hand learn to respond and converse through this as well. They often pay attention, react with a ‘no’ or a simple nod […] Read More..

Assigning Chores and Teaching Responsibility

As parents, we strive hard in establishing good values for our children which will be of great help in creating a better future for them. One of the most important traits that we can teach to our kids in order for them to realize their dreams and lead purposeful and fruitful lives is the sense […] Read More..

Tips on How to Improve Your Child’s Literacy and Other Learning Skills

Every child is unique. Children differ in one way or another; so, individual differences should be considered during the teaching and learning process which they undertake. Although their growth and development follow patterns intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially—they differ in terms of achieving communication, numeracy, motor, social, emotional, and thinking skills.   The child’s ability […] Read More..

Ideas and Tips for a More Fun Outdoor Activity

Nothing beats the excitement felt by the kids for an outdoor activity. Activities done outside the home, like trips to the parks, visits to the zoo, enjoying the beaches or just a simple outdoor excursion to an island or a new destination give the kids the chance to enjoy themselves to the fullest by walking, […] Read More..