Tips on How to Improve Your Child’s Literacy and Other Learning Skills

Every child is unique. Children differ in one way or another; so, individual differences should be considered during the teaching and learning process which they undertake. Although their growth and development follow patterns intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially—they differ in terms of achieving communication, numeracy, motor, social, emotional, and thinking skills.


The child’s ability to communicate in the language learned from the family is very important in a toddler and preschooler’s growth and development, as it becomes the tool for self-expression and in learning the concepts in reading, numeracy, writing, and other concepts that are important in obtaining literacy. A toddler and the preschoolers’ skill in expressing themselves when communicating with family and friends, signs of listening when spoken to, and understanding what they’ve read indicates an emerging literacy which children experience in their growing years. This is vital during early learning in Carlton.


Improvement of the skills learned during the preschool years can be done by providing learning experiences that will enhance their knowledge in reading, mathematics, science, and logical thinking. Physical activities help reinforce the child’s language development by expressing themselves, and socializing with others also promotes physical fitness.


Adult giving support in what the kids are doing develop self-confidence and trust in the kids’ abilities to engage in various learning activities. The Little Cottage, a fun childcare in Carlton, suggests the following teaching activities that will help in the enhancement of the child’s literacy skills and develop their learning skills:


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Collaborative and Problem-Solving Skills

Let your child experience an activity that allows their total involvement. No child enjoys an activity that restraints their desire to move. Physical activities develop their body movement and are truly enjoyed by children as they set to run, jump, and swing, and as they laugh and shout.

Such activities help them improve their muscle control, hence may lead to the development of skills in dancing, music, and sports. Interaction with other participants also help them improve their collaborative and problem-solving skills. Holding age-appropriate games at home not only gives them an exciting time learning but also teach them how to handle different situations when dealing with their parents, siblings, or other kids. These types of learning experiences develop their critical thinking skills which are undeniably useful in handling different scenarios that they encounter.

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Social and Communication Skills

Improve your child’s social and communication skills by promoting social interaction with the other kids at home, at a kindergarten in Carlton, and in other places. This is vital to the development of your child when interacting with the other kids. They learn that one can reach to a more logical conclusions by trying to analyze the thoughts of others, and that some good decisions can be reached by not only considering their own thoughts but also the thoughts of others, which leads to the learning of respect and empathy. Early in life, the child understands that no one is an island, and there is a need to reach out to others in order to enjoy life and to be an instrument in making the world a better place to live. In making an extra effort to find ways to help the child meet other people, it truly enhances their intellectual and social needs and give sparks to their interests to aspects in life around them.

It is a great idea to enrol them in sports, music courses, arts and dance workshops, and other activities that they may find fun and exciting.


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Cognitive and Creative Thinking Skills

Nurture the child’s love for reading, music, and other activities that will inspire and encourage them to be more creative. Provide various picture books and colorful nursery books that stimulate their learning. Take the kids to a bookstore and let them choose a book that they like. A visit to the local library, reading a book together before bedtime, browsing through wordless picture books, singing a song with the rest of the family, playing word games, and doing simple arts and crafts activities sharpen their artistic skills. You can also transform your reading corner into a little home library to ignite their interest in literature. And don’t forget to bring some books and colouring materials when your family goes on a holiday!

These activities are good bonding opportunities that also boost a child’s literacy skills which eventually strengthen their creative thinking skills as they grow.


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Leadership and Literacy Skills

Choose a preschool which offers engaging learning activities that are fun and promotes learning experiences that enhance the child’s leadership, independence, and learning abilities. A fantastic preschool in Carlton, The Little Cottage, promises to provide the full development to your child. With competent teachers who are also caring and exude a happy countenance, the child’s intellectual, emotional, and physical needs are well taken care of. The parents and the school can join hands in strengthening the literacy skills of the child by providing learning experiences that will truly enhance their natural talents and reinforce the skills and concepts that the kids have acquired.


Indeed, a happy, loving, and value-laden home where the family members are one in giving them a growing sense of confidence and security, alongside a preschool that gives them an enriching experience are helpful in making them succeed in life. The experiences build into the child’s self-esteem and reinforce the vital learning skills that will carry them through their journey to adulthood—happily and victoriously!

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