Top 5 Outdoor Activities for Kids in Carlton

Activities done outdoors always leave unforgettable experiences as the opportunity to commune with nature leaves an enduring mark in lives and positively impacts our outlook of the world we have.

Outdoor activities also introduce diverse exciting experiences for children of all ages. Spending time outdoors provide tremendous benefits such as the ones below:

  1. Children and adults learn to appreciate the gifts of nature, especially the amazing things that Earth can provide when properly taken care of.
  1. Visiting a park for recreational activities teach the children the importance of taking time to feel the grass, smell the flowers, and enjoy the fresh air. These early learning experiences help shape a child’s experience with the natural world, helping them build an appreciation for the world and its beautiful environment.
  1. A regular picnic activity helps the kids learn how to be diligent to the roles assigned to them. The sense of responsibility is being instilled as the tasks of packing up, food preparation, tidying up, among others, are delegated. This is also promoted at The Little Cottage, our preschool in Carlton. Bonding moments are also appreciated by the family.
  1. Sports activities help the kids gain confidence and give them the courage to face challenging, team-building tasks. This also allows your children to strive hard in developing their skills and talents by finding joy in the activities.
  1. The magnificent things provided by the seas and the skies evoke a feeling of gratefulness to those who experience outdoor activities. By exploring the greater beauties of the earth, your children will gain an appreciation for their surroundings which will shape their understanding of how important it is to sustain the environment for generations to come.

Here are the Top 5 Outdoor Activities for your little ones near Carlton:


Just taking the children for a walk and play in the park is met with excitement and pure joy as this activity gives the kids the chance to run freely, sing, skip, and dance to their heart’s content as they enjoy the cool air, feel the grass under their feet, smell the crisp scent of the trees, and wonder at the beautiful landscape. The chance to play and roam outside the confines of the house truly excites them; which is why their enthusiasm does not wait till it’s time to go home. The feeling of being able to freely move without much restraint give them a feeling of being refreshed and inspired at the end of the activity. Although inspiring activities can be enjoyed at an awesome childcare in Carlton, the stunning sceneries at the Kogarah Park or Oatley Park could also provide fun-filled, educational activities to the kids.

Gardening and other Backyard Activities

When parents schedule a backyard activity; like gardening, trimming the fruit trees, and a simple landscaping, the children learn from the adults the importance of the soil and the joy of waiting patiently for the plants to bear fruits and appreciate the fruits of one’s labor. The process of cultivating and nurturing the plants bring to the children the knowledge of how natural resources provide us with their food. These things can be learned from the books or at a kindergarten in Carlton, yet nothing beats the hands-on participation in doing this activity. Parents may teach their kids about gardening in their own backyard and they can also participate in various garden activities such as planting and harvesting at the Garden Grubs.

Picnic and Fishing

A picnic — be it at the park or by the riverbank — where each member of a family or a group of friends can find a place to spend time, is an enriching activity for everyone. Others choose to just laze around or lie down on the soft grass, enjoy the green of the surroundings, the cool air, the gentle rustling of the leaves or the soft sound of the river flowing to the sea. These are the experiences which can only be provided by nature and cannot be replicated in any other way. Children and adults become destressed and invigorated for spending their day in such a relaxing place, away from the crowd.

Fishing is a great physical activity and can also provide a wonderful bonding and collaborative experience for the whole family. The father may do his fishing together with his kids who can’t contain their shouts and laughter when a trout or two are caught. Amid the glee, the catch is brought to the mother and to the other siblings who may be in charge of cooking and food preparation. There are Angling Clubs such as the Sutherland Shire Fishing Club across Australia which provide such enjoyable fishing activities for your children.

You may also join the ‘Catch and Release’ fishing experience for the whole family at the Sydney International Regatta Centre.


Kids may learn the love of sports by choosing outdoor activities like swimming, playing basketball, mountain climbing, cycling, and other sports. All of these activities are considered as a challenge that one has to overcome. Climbing mountains, trekking, and enjoying the panoramic view brings confidence and validation to one’s capacity to do things successfully. The movement that a child makes when doing an activity helps them to be more agile and physically fit to cope with the demands of various activities. Ready Set Go Kids offers a wide variety of multi-sport programs for children.


For those who prefer to have a swim in the beach, to snorkel or do some boating, riding a yacht or cruise, the experience of seeing the coral reefs, the colorful fishes, and the richness of the marine life is a thrilling experience. It brings so much tranquility as the boat slowly moves. The yacht or the ship allows the passengers to enjoy the view of the sparkling sea and the beautiful constellations in the sky during the night. Kids can go sunset-watching and may get the chance to witness a phenomenon like a solar or lunar eclipse, which can truly broaden their knowledge and skills in seeing nature’s gift. The article How To Choose a Cruise With Kids is helpful for parents in planning for their cruising journey with their little ones.

Looking for more enjoyable activities? The whole family can also have fun on a pirate cruise experience at Sydney Harbour Tall Ships.

In this generation, it is highly important that kids are encouraged to participate in activities done outdoors. Offering them different experiences is highly beneficial so they will not be confined at home and to avoid being glued to the TV and electronic gadgets. By providing them with various encounters, we help them in bringing out the best of their abilities and honing their talents and intelligence through diverse experiences — outdoors.

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